My Story

My name is Natasha Dupuis. After working as a certified esthetician for over seven years, I began developing a passion for the holistic health industry.


My interest in this industry resulted from my desire to understand and correct my own personal health issues. For many years, I struggled with hormonal imbalances, terrible digestive issues, fatigue, and cystic acne. These physical ailments were so difficult to deal with that for a long time they controlled my life. I cancelled plans and avoided doing things I loved because of them, and lived in fear of their occurrence the rest of the time. I would very easily catch the common cold and flu and began getting sinus and chest infections regularly. With the overload of antibiotics my immune system was suffering dramatically, which only led to my symptoms getting worse. After a year of regular doctors’ visits and taking multiple prescriptions with no results, I decided I didn’t want to pump my body full of so much medication.

Fortunately, around this time a friend of mine referred me to go see a colon hydrotherapist. I was desperate to improve my health. After researching it thoroughly I decided to try it. I initially booked in for 3 consecutive treatments and it instantly opened the doors for me to a whole new world of the amazing benefits of detoxing and how to properly nourish and heal the body with real whole foods. I had finally found the answers to my health concerns. I left my last treatment feeling amazing and full of energy. I knew that as it took years for my body to develop these physical ailments and symptoms it would take time, dedication, patience and self-love to heal. I knew I was finally on the right path.

Soon after this experience I decided to take my passion for colon hydrotherapy and explore it as a career. I love esthetics but learning about colon hydrotherapy, nutrition and holistic healing changed my view on the beauty industry. I realized that beauty results from what you place inside your body, not what you put on it. I am constantly fascinated that colon hydrotherapy can help heal so many people and fix the root cause of their issues, rather than taking a pill that may help the symptoms but ignore the actual problem.

I truly enjoy helping people achieve their health goals. My heart aches when people tell me stories of their illnesses, the struggles they experience and the lack of hope they feel. Like I did, they receive one prescription after another, and feel that it will be this way for the rest of their lives. I believe colon hydrotherapy is the answer to many illnesses and I love being a part of people’s journey to healthy living.

As an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist I am excited every day to work with people and introduce them to the amazing world of holistic health! I look forward to meeting you and experiencing the journey to healthy living together.

Namaste 💕

Natasha Marie